Why Bitcoin Is So Expensive Today

Why Bitcoin Is So Expensive Today

Why Bitcoin Is So Expensive Today – Bitcoin is one of the few electronic money that is quite expensive when exchanged for Rs. or dollars.
Bitcoin is a digital currency that is not tied to and connected to a bank or government. so it is possible for bitcoin users not to need to stop using bank ATMs or banknotes that must be stored in a wallet. Bitcoin = Gold Coins in cyberspace.
These coins are the ones that can later be sold or bought by exchanging them.
Then Why Is Bitcoin So Expensive Today? indeed, the value of 1 BTC every month is almost different.
Even in the past, 1 BTC from the price of 12 million could drop to 2 million, in contrast to now which has almost reached 50 million per 1 BTC.
This value is reported by the company that helps you convert your Bitcoin to Dollars, Coinbase.
So the value of bitcoins can change sharply instantly to become very cheap and vice versa, that’s why many people are trying their luck here.

Why Bitcoin is Popular

Bitcoin is a line of computer codes that every time there is a move from one bitcoin owner to another.
the computer will automatically sign it so there is no need to fear that it will decrease or disappear (unless someone is cheating).
Why is Bitcoin popular? yes because of the freedom of transaction, we don’t have to include your name or even bitcoin number or whatever. If you want to pay, just send it.

Why is Bitcoin So Expensive Today

Bitcoin is expensive because there is too much demand whereas bitcoin stock is limited even getting 1 BTC is difficult. From there, bitcoin is getting more and more expensive.
because everyone wants to get bitcoin because the price is always sharp and skyrocketing to use it is also very easy to use.
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