Tips on How to Choose a Good Template for a Blog

Tips on How to Choose a Good Template for a Blog

Tips on How to Choose a Good Template for a Blog: Before blogging or creating a blog one thing to pay attention to is the blog template/theme.

However, the quality of a blog is not only seen from the template.

but also from the content and quality of the existing articles.

Why do you have to choose a good template?


A good template makes us comfortable to blog, besides being comfortable for us to blog. it also makes the reader comfortable in reading our articles.

For beginner blogs, you can use/download free blogger templates that you can search on google.

Before choosing a template, you must first know what blog niche you will create and develop. If you want to create a news portal blog then you must use a magazine template.

If you want your blog to contain your thoughts/stories, then you can use a personal template. But what is more important in a template must have 3 main features that are important in developing a blog.

If the 3 main features are in the template, then the template is suitable for use.

Here are 3 main features:


➤ Responsive

A good template is a template that has responsive features. Responsive itself can be interpreted as a template that can be used / can be displayed. where the site that uses the template is opened. Whether opened on a PC, mobile, smartphone, apple, etc.

A responsive template is a template that can adjust the size (image, width, etc.). according to the size where the template is opened.

Responsiveness is very important so that our blog can be opened on other devices than a PC. So that our article readers are comfortable when reading articles via mobile. responsive templates are very important to use.


➤ SEO Friendly

So that your articles can compete and win with articles on other sites, you need to use an SEO template. In competition in search engines.

it is not only the content of the articles that needs attention. but also the existing features that are translated (SEO Friendly).

In the competition to be on page one of the search engines. we have to be good at playing SEO and also set up templates so that SEO is 100%.

If you have quality article content and are sought after by many people coupled with an SEO Friendly template, then you will get enough visitors.


➤ Fast Loading

In order for your blog to load and not take long to open, you must use a fast loading template.

Fast loading templates are very important so that when readers want to open our site, they don’t make them wait long to open your site.

Not making visitors wait is the best way so that visitors do not cancel their intention to visit our site. So if you don’t want to keep visitors waiting then you have to use a fast loading template.

Those are the 3 features that must be present so that the template deserves to be said to be good.

Of the 3 features above, you can add the Ads Ready feature when your site has many visitors to increase your income from blogging.

If you want to choose a template, that you choose a template with the 3 features above. So many articles that I can share, I hope this article can be useful for all readers. See you next article!


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