Tips for Optimizing Images for Website SEO

Tips for Optimizing Images for Website SEO

Image compression tips for websites – Using images to convey something is more effective than using words. It is also very important on the website. The presence of images will make it easier for visitors to understand what they are reading. Articles with images are preferred by search engines.

It should be noted that the image you use must be small. This is so that your website does not take long when it is accessed by visitors. In this case, you have to compress the image. Whether it’s an image that has the extension jpg, png and others. Make sure the image is not larger than 1 MB. To make it easier, you can compress images online. Here we recommend a website to compress images.

Tools To Compress Images Online

Compress Jpeg


If the image you are using has a JPEG extension, you can compress it here. The method is quite easy, you just need to click upload image. If you have this website will compress the image automatically. Click download when it’s finished compressed.

Cloud Convert


For PNG extension images, you can use this website. The method is the same as number 1, hehe. Usually when we use compresspng, when we download the file there will be an additional -min in our filename. You are free to delete the word or not.

Tiny Jpg

Tips for Optimizing Images for Website SEO-tiny-jpg

Especially for JPG images, use this website to compress images. The method is still the same as number 1 and 2. For TinyJPG the downloaded file will be in the form of Rar. So you have to extract it first.

How to Compress Uploaded Image Files?

For images that have been uploaded on the website without compressing them first, you can replace the image. You can use the tools below to determine which images Google says are too large.

Google Pagespeed Insight

Apart from providing suggestions on various ways to optimize your website, this tool also provides compressed image options that you can use as replacements for the ones already on your website.

EWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer is ideal if you are using WordPress. This is a plugin that you can install in WordPress. This plugin will scan the website and automatically optimize the images that are already on the site.

The Purpose of Compressing Images

A measure of how responsive your website is depends on whether the uploaded images are compressed or not. Compressed images translate to well-optimized websites. Otherwise, the website will feel slow to access. And with every click, it takes longer to load. This can affect the number of people who visit your website. The faster your website, then Google will recommend your website on page one.

Tips for Optimizing Images for Website SEO If you have questions or criticisms and suggestions, write them in the comments column, okay?

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