Scheduled Article Updates and Benefits

Scheduled Article Updates and Benefits 

Scheduled Article Updates and Benefits of Article Updates  – Hello, this time I will discuss Trends in Scheduled Articles and Moral of Article Updates which are the weaknesses of bloggers who are lazy to update articles & the importance of updating articles for blogs.

Update articles with ” scheduled “. This means that the trend of articles bypassing the “broadcast schedule” on the writing that we write so that the article will be published at a certain hour. Here we can make full articles at downtime and it’s not busy, don’t publish them all, you schedule it so that every date there are articles that are updated on the blog when we are busy not having time to take care of the blog.


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This is very necessary in terms of SEO because search engines will deliver better rankings on your website/blog because your blog has a simple update frequency [ask], instead of being messy like today, update seven articles, then a new week. Update again, it would be better to schedule now 1, tomorrow 1, and so on.

According to Google’s explanation in webmaster central, Google searchers will find a site based on the activity of the trend of articles carried out while the site or blog. The more frequently your website updates, the more frequently search engine services will visit your website and enter your points into its index.

If you update your articles regularly and on a scheduled basis, therefore search engines will certainly want to give you a more beautiful assessment than you are updating your posts randomly, aka not scheduled.

How to Update Scheduled Posts:

How to determine the trend of scheduled articles is very easy if we are able to arrange the time when we need to write articles or do activities. If you are able to update 3 articles per day, then give a grace period of 12 hours between the first point and the second and third articles that you publish.

To perform this simple yet powerful optimization trick, you can use the article trend scheduling feature. In Blogspot & WordPress, there is a menu to schedule writing updates.

By using the technique of “updating articles on a scheduled basis”, your blog will be optimally optimized, therefore the grace period that you create will be very healthy for the search engines to confirm, make sure the frequency of their visits to your blog is certain.

Therefore the value, 2 articles that you publish on a scheduled basis will be better than 5 articles published without being scheduled. So even though we are only able to create a few articles a day, we can create a beautiful optimization quality that matches many points updates but is published unscheduled.

In addition, we can control the busy schedule of updates so that they don’t interfere with the activities of other members in the visible world. The stomach is not often empty because of the fun of blogging.


Benefits Article Updates:

Blogs Will Be Trusted by Visitors

How not, when we can provide article updates every day, surely visitors will know our consistency in passing information that can enrich their knowledge. Just count it manually. If only one article a day, then seven articles a week. That means, in one month already 30 articles. And a year has 120 articles.
Imagine if your blog was designed specifically for uniforms to exist in the next 5 years.
Criticism, the content of blog articles must be of high quality so that visitors wait for article updates from your blog, this is what scheduled article updates are used for.

Blog Visitors Will Increase

Article updates can produce a lot of visitors along with the quality of your articles. As easy as you have a guide blog, schedule articles part 1 and part 2 instead of the article so that visitors come again to visit your blog.

In fact, people are more likely to enjoy a blog that is rich in quality content. Character, many articles and are well known. The reason is known, yes, because the article updates frequently, if the article solves the searcher’s problem, then surely he will remember the name of his blog. If so, then the point is an increase in traffic.

Blogs are dedicated both in the eyes of readers and search engines

In simple language, your blog will have a good name. If there are other people who suspect that your blog is capable of the information (quality and number of articles), then people will give more and more ratings to you.

Suppose you want to buy a cellphone, prove it compared, prefer a shop that has many designs and brands of cellphones, or prefer a shop that only has a few assemblies?

The answer is very clear.

Growing productivity appears

Admittedly / not, the ability to write is an absolute prerequisite for being a true blogger. Please understand the article 10 severe beginner blogger mistakes that I have previously reviewed. The more we cover articles, the more the quality and productivity of our building will increase.

This is the article about Scheduled Article Updates and Benefits of Article Updates for Blogs that I have discussed above, hopefully, it can help and convey enthusiasm in working in the world of blogging.


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