open-world survival game promises to ‘completely redefine’

Open-world survival game promises to ‘completely redefine’

This game is titled Dawn Awakening for the mobile version.

Tencent announced a new open-world survival game entitled Undawn. which will tell the story of a group of people who survive in a post-apocalyptic era filled with zombies. However, zombies are not the only problem you will encounter here.

The premise of this game is no longer an original idea. Undawn will provide PvP and PvE, collecting materials and crafting. trading with other players, and building buildings.

“With Undawn, Developers want to create a new type of action game. That includes open-world freedom and RPG elements that will redefine this genre on any platform, “said Rick Li. the Executive Producer of Lightspeed & Quantum Studios, quoted from PCGamer.

The fact that we have created an amazing experience on mobile devices and PC . that more players around the world will be fighting and adventuring in the end times together. Creating the potential for a new, magnificent open-world experience.”

Last year, Tencent itself also announced a mobile game about zombies entitled Dawn Awakening. The description of the game is very similar and it was also developed by Lightspeed & Quantum Studios. The characters in Dawn Awakening are also identical to the posters of the Raven Squad characters in Undawn.

Both are indeed the same, according to confirmation from Tencent via email to PCGamer. Undawn is the official name of the previously mobile-exclusive Dawn Awakening. Tencent also said that crossplay (between platforms) is a feature that the developer team wants to pursue. But the Games feature is still in the underdevelopment stage.

If you are curious about the game, you can check out the trailer above. Unfortunately, from the trailer, there is nothing that can make this game redefine the open-world survival game as claimed by Tencent.

There is no detail about releasing date for this game yet. However, if you are curious and want to know more information, you can visit the official page at this link.


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