How To Repair Hard Disk Bad Sectors

How to repair hard disk bad sectors

How to repair hard disk bad sectors: Have you ever experienced unreadable laptop storage on a laptop? Usually, this is because the laptop hard disk has bad sectors. If the laptop hard disk has bad sectors left continuously, it will be fatal to the laptop.

For example, the performance of the laptop will slow down significantly, the laptop hangs or does not respond, dies without cause, fails to boot, and so on. In order not to experience serious damage, it is better to repair bad sectors on a hard disk periodically.

Well, for those of you who don’t know how to deal with a hard disk with bad sectors, just take a look, guys!

What is a Bad Sector Hard Disk?

What-is-a-Bad-Sector-Hard-Disk-how to repair hard disk bad sectors

Hard disk bad sectors are damage to one of the sectors on the hard disk. Usually, this damage is characterized by not responding to the read (read) or write (write) command on the laptop / PC.

These bad sectors can occur on magnetic hard disks or solid-state drives. Usually due to physical or software damage. Well, if there is a physical bad sector, it will be difficult to overcome. However, if because of the software it can still be overcome.

Types of Bad Sectors on the Hard Disk

how to repair hard disk bad sectors-Types-of-Bad-Sectors-on-the-Hard-Disk

As previously explained, this bad sector occurs because of damage. The types of damage to the hard disk are divided into 2, name Physical (Physical) and Logical (Software).

For physical type damage, it is usually called a Hard Bad Sector and for this type of Logical damage is usually called a Soft Bad Sector. Well, for the explanation, as follows:

1. Hard Bad Sector

Hard bad sectors are physical damage to the hard disk. Usually, this happens because the head of the hard disk touches the sector, the incoming dust, the hard disk fall, and other physical problems. Usually, this damage cannot be repaired.

2. Soft Bad Sector

Meanwhile, soft bad sectors are damage to the hard disk due to a problematic function. Usually, this happens because of a software error. Usually, this damage can still be repaired, one of which is by restoring the hard disk or formatting the hard disk.

Factors that cause hard disks to experience bad sectors

how to repair hard disk bad sectors-Causes-of-Bad-Sector-Hard-Disk

Before discussing the steps to overcome a bad sector hard disk, it would be even better if you know the causes that make a hard disk bad sectors.

The goal is that you don’t experience the same thing in the future and also to overcome bad sectors so that you don’t get hard disk bad sectors. Here’s how to solve a bad sector hard disk:

§  Originally turn off the laptop / PC

§  Suddenly the power goes out, which makes the PC shut down immediately

§  Do not routinely do maintenance of the laptop / PC

§  There is a virus attack

§  Stores lots of junk files on storage

§  There is excessive voltage and also a lack of voltage on the powers supply

§  Water spills and falls (Human Error)

§  Interested in electromagnetic fields.

Now, after you know the factors that cause hard disk bad sectors, let’s take a look at the steps to fix them below.

How to Overcome a Bad Sector Hard Drive!

  • Firstclick the ‘ Windows ‘ menu or the ‘ Windows ‘ logo key on the keyboard > Then click ‘ All Programs ‘ > Then click ‘ Computer ‘

how to repair hard disk bad sectors-Select-Computer

  • Second, after that right-click on your D data store. An example in this picture is partition D then click ‘ Properties ‘.

how to repair hard disk bad sectors-Select-Properties

  • Third, then click the tab ” Tools ” and click the ” Check ” button.

how to repair hard disk bad sectors-Select-Check

how to repair hard disk bad sectors-Select-Start

  • Fifth, after that, wait for the checking disk data process to complete.

how to repair hard disk bad sectors-Wait-for-the-Data-Disk-Checking-Process

  • Sixth, if it is successful, a notification ‘ Your Device or Disk Was Successfully Scanned ‘ will appear.

how to repair hard disk bad sectors-Your-Device-or-Disk-Was-Successfully-Scanned-notification

How to take care of a hard disk so as not to experience a bad sector

So, so that your hard disk doesn’t experience bad sectors, try to follow these tips on caring for a hard disk:

1. Do not turn off your PC / laptop without shutdown

how to repair hard disk bad sectors-Don't-Turn-Off-Your-PC-Laptop-Without-Shutdown

The first tip is not to turn off your PC / laptop without doing a shutdown procedure. Why? Because this will make the hard disk become damaged quickly.

Try to imagine when it was turned on but was forced to die suddenly. It will definitely make the hard disk that is processing experience a failure in processing.

2. Hard Disk Partition

how to repair hard disk bad sectors-Hard-Disk-Partition

The next tip is to partition the hard disk. When you share storage, it will make the software storage process more focused.

This hard disk partition is also intended so that your important document storage is not lost whenever the operating system fails or you reinstall it.

3. Do not get hit by a collision

how to repair hard disk bad sectors-Dont-Get-In-A-Collision

Tips for a durable hard disk next are not to let your PC / Laptop get a hard impact, shaken, or even fall. Because when there is physical damage it will make the hard disk totally die.

4. Doing Routine Hard Disk Defrag

how to repair hard disk bad sectors-Defrag-Hard-Disk

The next tip is to regularly defrag your hard disk. This defrag is a program that functions to reconstruct files or software that were installed intentionally or accidentally.

Now, doing a defrag will prevent the hard disk from being damaged quickly because of the many files that have piled up. Apart from that, defragging can also increase the read and write processes on the hard disk.

5. Do not use the laptop on the mattress


The next tip is not to use a laptop on a mattress. As we know, one of the trivial things that make the laptop break down quickly is because we use it on the mattress.

Use on this mattress will make the circulation of heat will make the laptop’s performance not optimal. This will affect the performance of the laptop is stunted and make it damaged.

6. Using Antivirus

how to repair hard disk bad sectors-Using-Antivirus

The last tip is to use the best antivirus. This antivirus will be useful to prevent your PC / laptop from being attacked by a dangerous virus or malware.

So, what about smart friends, you already know how to deal with a bad sector hard disk. How to repair hard disk bad sectors: Well, if you have criticism and suggestions, write it down in the comments below right here 🙂



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