How to Get Just Money from Playing Games!

How to Get Just Money from Playing Games!

How to Get Just Money from Playing Games: There are many ways to get shrimp from the internet. One of them is by creating content on social media applications such as YouTube, Instagram, and even on TikTok.

But unfortunately, many people are not confident when creating content because it is not their passion. But it’s okay, all passions can make money, especially if the only passion is playing games.

Well, here’s how to get a chance from playing games!

Game Recommendations That Make The Most Money

Before discussing how to get money from playing games, it would be even better if you know what games can make the following money:

1. Mobile Legends


This game that is still popular has turned out to be one of the games that can make money, guys. The money you can get from the Mobile Legends game is by selling accounts with high levels.

Not only that, usually the accounts that are sold are accounts that already have many characters and also diamonds. There are also those who get their money from participating in tournaments.

Moreover, the prizes from the Mobile Legends tournament are quite fantastic. So for those of you who have skills and always win playing Mobile Legends games, don’t waste your talents!

2. DOTA 2


Furthermore, there is the DOTA 2 game. The most played game in the world is also one of the games most frequently contested in tournaments.

Moreover, there are many heroes and rare rare items in this game. So that there will be many players who sell them and get money from selling heroes or rare items.

Moreover, the rarer the price, the more expensive it will be. That’s why it’s not surprising that many true gamers get money from playing this game.

3. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)


Next, there is the PUBG game or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. This game, which has 2 versions on desktop and mobile, can also be a medium for you to earn money!

Because this game often competes in tournaments with large prizes. So if you are good at playing the PUBG game, you can try this to get additional income.

Not only that, but you can also make money by selling accounts, push rank services, and so on.

4. Fortnite


Furthermore, there is the Fortnite game. This game with the F2P (Free-to-Play) genre is one of the games that can make money.

One way is to create content, broadcast live on a live streaming application, participate in tournaments or even sell items. Because indeed the items in this game must be purchased using real money.

5. Vainglory


Next is the Vainglory game. This game with the MOBA genre can also make money like the previous games!

One way is to sell characters or you can also offer jockey services to level up. So, for those of you who are good at playing the best MOBA games like Vainglory, there’s nothing wrong with trying it!

6. RF Online


Next is the RF Online game. To get money from this game you have to do farming. This farming activity is looking for rare items.

You can sell this rare item for money. Therefore, you must successfully kill monsters using adequate weapons and equipment, guys.

7. Lineage 2 Revolution


Then there is the Lineage 2 Revolution game. This game, which has a wide enough network of players, allows you to be able to transact with other players around the world.

So, you can buy and sell unique and rare items or you can also sell rare items directly through this game. Items that are sold can later be exchanged for Rs., guys.

8. Eve Online


Next is the Eve Online game. This best RPG game takes the theme of space games or space. Now to get money from this game, you can sell rare items or unique and rare items.

Not only that, when your account is at the highest level, you can sell your account to other people. The higher the level, the more expensive it will be, guys.

9. Market Glory


Next up is the Market Glory game. This game with a mission to build a city while working and running a business can be your luck to get money!

You can actually convert this virtual advantage into real money. In addition, you can also directly transfer them to a bank account or PayPal account.

10. Mobile Premier League


The last one is the Mobile Premier League game. To make money from this game, you have to collect as many diamonds as possible.

Now, you can exchange this diamond with a GoPay balance. So you must have a Gojek account to be able to transfer money from games to the GoPay e-Wallet application.

How to Make Money from Games

Now, let’s discuss how to get money from playing the following games:

1. Jockey Services


The first way is by selling jockey services. This service is familiar to gamers. For example, before Jess No Limit became a YouTuber with an income of over 50 million, he was a Mobile Legends game jockey.

Because many gamers feel busy but still want to level up in an instant way. The price of services received by jockeys varies from hundreds to even millions. It depends on the request of the person who hires his services.

2. YouTuber Gamers


The next way is to become a YouTuber gamer. There’s nothing wrong with playing games while they are recorded or recorded and uploaded on YouTube.

In fact, many YouTubers upload their content without editing it in a video editing application. The goal is so that the audience can see your skills in playing the game.

Moreover, the salary of a beginner YouTuber, a gamer, is not playing around if you are consistent in creating content. How are you interested in becoming a YouTuber gamer?

3. Website Reviews

The next way is to review the website. Yups, for those of you who like to play games and know tips or tricks to win the game, you can make it on the website.

You can try this method if you don’t feel confident about becoming a YouTuber. Because you only need to write. Now to get the money you only need to monetize your website to Google AdSense.

When your website is accepted by Google AdSense, you will get income from ads that Google places on your website. Not only that, but you can also work with or game developers.

Yups, you can discuss games from game developers when a new game has just been launched. The results you get also start from hundreds or even millions!

4. Game Trials


The next way is to become a game trial. Yups, every game developer, definitely needs this service because it is not enough to check the feasibility of a game from Quality Control.

Gamers also need to test their newest games before they are launched. This method is not easy, because you have to find information about this vacancy, guys.

But this job is one of the dream professions of a gamer, guys! So, are you interested in this profession?

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5. Real Money Trading

The next way is to become RMT or Willing Money Trading. The point is that you become a player who makes buying and selling starting from rare items, equipment, and so on.

Even though the items you sell are in virtual form, you can ask for payment in real money or bank transfer. The price obtained varies depending on the order.

Usually the more sophisticated and unique or rare, the more expensive the payment you get. Maybe in the hundreds to millions.

6. Join a Tournament or Event


The last way is to take part in a tournament or event from the game you are playing. Usually, there are lots of organizers who hold game competitions.

The prizes given are also quite fantastic. So you only need to practice playing games to be a winner and get prizes.

So. those are some of the ways to get money from playing games. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends. Who knows they need these tips 🙂


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