Easy Ways to Get Money from Google

Easy Ways to Get Money from Google

Instead of borrowing money in an online money lending application. We better earn our own money and then save it. Because once you are in debt online, it will be difficult for you to get out.

Therefore, instead of being tempted to borrow money, you can try tips on getting money from the internet. For example, by creating content on YouTube, or trying money-making applications.

So, if the suggestion is from Smart Tips, you can just try how to get money from Google. For those who want to know how to be listened to, okay?

How to Make Money from Google

There are 8 ways to get money from Google. So listen carefully to the following methods:

1. Google AdSense



The first way is through Google AdSense. Yups, Google AdSense is an online advertising service provided by Google to be posted on websites.

The way is to create your own website or blog, then monetize it to Google AdSense. For how it works, Google AdSense will display certain advertisements on registered websites.

Eats, but to make money from a blog or website, you must create interesting, unique article content and of course not plagiarism from other people’s content.

Why? Because, to be able to get money from Google AdSense, you must have a lot of traffic and make visitors click on the ads that are installed.

Oh yes, you can control the ads from Google AdSense or choose which ads to display. So, make sure you have high traffic, because if there is no traffic then you won’t be able to get money from Google.

2. Google Maps


The second way to make money from Google is Google Maps. Even though you don’t get as much money from Google Maps as from Google AdSense, it’s good enough for those of you who want to have pocket money.

Yups, you can actively contribute to providing a review or review, adding photos from the location, place or area you visited.

Through Google Maps, anyone can contribute and you don’t have to bother registering. Just use Gmail. If you don’t have Gmail, you just need to create Gmail.

Oh yeah, if you use a geolocation platform, you can get points, the latest features, and of course incentives from Google Maps.

3. Google My Business


The third way to get money from Google is Google My Business. For those of you who have an online shop, you must be familiar with Google My Business.

Well, with Google My Business you can create a business profile. Especially in this digital era, digital information is also needed. The goal is to make your business widely known.

That’s why the challenge for online business people is to make the business even wider. Even though you don’t get money from here, Google My Business can be an exposure for your business to have a good business reputation.

4. Google Play Store


The fourth way to get money from Google is the Google Play Store. Who doesn’t know the Google Play Store service?

Yup, Google Play Store is a Google service that provides many applications, games, movies, books, and so on, both free and paid.

So, to get money from the Google Play Store, you can create an Android application or game. It is quite difficult, but this can be your opportunity to get additional money.

So you have to sell applications or games, by taking advantage of the in-app advertisingin-app purchase, and subscription features.

Not only that, but the Google Play Store also has a monetization scheme. So you can get quite a lot of money from here. But you need to do an application or game promotion, so that many will download!

5. Organic Google Traffic


The fifth way to get money from Google is through Google’s Organic Traffic. One of these Google services is one type of traffic service that serves to support monetization.

This service is more effective at making money from Google than paid search. Well, to use this service SEO skills are needed. Yups, one of the skills that must be mastered if you want to be successful.

Why? Because this is to support organic traffic from a website. Usually, this service is used by website owners in order to get the first position on the Google search page.

So don’t be surprised if this service is one of the platforms for you to get money. Because when you get a lot of traffic from the website, you will get money from Google too.

6. Google Ads




The next way is Google Ads or also known as Google AdWord. This method is very different from Google AdSense. Google Ads you will not get the money directly.

However, you can get greater opportunities when running a business by taking advantage of Google Ads. So don’t be surprised if Google Ads is only used by online shop owners or even online shop resellers.

So Google Ads is a service to advertise your business so that it can display your business on the top Google search page.

This of course will greatly benefit your business. Not only on the search page, but you can also choose other options such as display ads, ads that are inserted in the middle of YouTube videos, and in-app ads.

Now for the cost is to apply the Pay per Click (PPC) system. Where you only have to pay people who click on your ad.

Even though you have to pay to be able to display ads, you will get benefits in the form of traffic and also purchases from people who buy your products.

7. Google Workspace


The next way is Google Workspace. Google Workspace was formerly known as G-Suite. Google Workspace is a cloud-based service where there is software, such as email services for agencies or institutions.

So through Google Workspace, you can customize business email according to your needs. So, by sending promotional emails to subscribers, you can earn money.

In addition, you can also invite friends or other companies to become new partners on Google Workspace. That way, you can make money!

8. YouTube


The last way is YouTube. Surely you know the salary of a beginner YouTube in India? Yup, so it’s not surprising that many want to get money from YouTube.

Now, to get money from YouTube you must first pass the requirements, which are to have 1,000 subscribers and have reached 4,000 hours of viewing time for a year.

Therefore, to get money from YouTube you must always be consistent in creating content. So, you need to find a lot of traffic so that the incoming money will also be a lot.

So, there are some ways to get money easily from Google. Oh yeah, don’t forget to share this article with your friends so they also know how to get money from Google 🙂



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