How To Clear Browsing History In Any Browser

How To Clear Browsing History In Any Browser

How to clear browsing history in any browser: Sometimes we are cool browsing and we forget to delete history, cache, cookies in the browser. Now usually when the cache is full and not deleted, the capacity of our hard disk will be smaller, and if our cookies are not automatically deleted, our email account, etc., we will still log in to our browser. This could harm our account, why? because people will know the name, password of our account. Suggested it would be better to just delete it.

Actually, this cache functions to store a website page containing images, etc. so that if we want to access the website it will be faster. Cookies function to store email or account data for login, when not deleted then when we log in to Facebook, for example, our email is automatically in the email form. History is a trace or history of our browsing. If you have finished browsing strange things, it’s better to delete them.

For how to clear browsing history in any browser see below 🙂

How to clear browsing history in Google Chrome

  • Open browser your google chrome
  • Then select tools under the close button – history – select history. To make it easier, we can use the Ctrl + H key combination.


  • Then select Clear Browsing Data


  • Then select Privacy and Security
  • clear-browsing-history-1Select whatever will be deleted as shown below, At the beginning of time, that means what you want to delete from when, for example, Last hour, All time. If you have click Clear browsing data.


Done, delete chrome history in your browser are gone and your chrome data will be lost after doing this and now your Hard disk capacity has become large again and the browser is not easy to lag and is smooth.

Google Chrome on Android or iOS


How to clear browsing history in Mozilla Firefox

  • Enter Mozilla Firefox
  • Select Menu under the close button, select History, to make it easier to press Ctrl + Shift + Del


  • Then select Clear Recent History


Determine what you want to delete, and from when you want to delete it as shown below.

If you have click Clear Now

Hooray, your Mozilla Firefox browser is clear browsing history, cache, and cookies. Your browsing becomes smoother.

How to clear browsing history in Opera

  • Enter the Opera browser
  • Click the opera sign on the left side


  • Then select Settings – Advanced-Privacy and security


  • Select what you want to delete, if you want to clear browsing history click Clear data Done…



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How to clear browsing history in Safari

  • Click the gear icon at the top right
  • Select Preference – Privacy
  • Then select safari clear cache to delete, if you have click Clear History Done.


Safari on iOS


So many tutorials on how to clear browsing data in any browser. Follow the tutorial according to the browser you have. Hopefully, this tutorial can help you to how to clear cache in Any Browser.

So See you in the next article…


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