Best Tips for Advertising on Google Ads (Google AdWords)

Best Tips for Advertising on Google Ads (Google AdWords)

If you just use Google Ads, of course, you already know-how. However, are there any Google AdWords tips that can make your campaign more effective and efficient?

Of course, there is! And we will give the complete answer in this article.

With advertising tips in Google Ads, promotion strategies are not arbitrary and marketing goals are easier to achieve. Come on, just look at the discussion.

10 Complete Google Adwords Tips

There are several advertising tips on Google Ads that you can try. Here are 7+ Google Adwords tips that can help improve the performance of your business ads!

1. Determine Clear Advertising Goals

Setting goals is mandatory before creating Google Ads. Because every advertisement certainly has a different purpose, right?

This means that the strategy and implementation of the advertisement must also be adjusted. Both in terms of copywriting, landing page design, budget, and others.

For example, suppose you want to increase sales. So, the type of copywriting used will certainly focus more on words like “buy it now” or “try it for free”.

Copywriting techniques like the one above can be less effective if the purpose of advertising is just to get leads.

Therefore, clear goals are very important. Without it, how is it possible to measure the success of your Google Ads ads?

2. Use the Right Keywords

After determining the purpose of the ad, the next Google Adwords tip is to use the right keywords.

Google will display ads according to the keywords that the user has typed. What are the most frequently used keywords regarding your business scope, then that is the one you should use?

Now, to find out the right keywords, doing keyword research is an effective way.

Quiet. You don’t have to do it manually. Currently, there are many keyword research tools that are easy to use. For example, Ubersuggest and Ahrefs. In fact, you could even research the keywords your competitors are using.


Now, after getting the right keywords, use these keywords in your ad. Either in the ad title and ad text or description on the landing page.

The hope is that with these Google Adwords tips, the opportunity for advertising to be seen by target customers is even greater.

3. Create Attractive Ad Text

The next tip for improving Google Ads ad performance is researching ad text so that it attracts an audience. For that, the copywriting techniques used must be excellent. You could say this is the spearhead of advertising to achieve its goals.

How to create a compelling ad text?

Make sure you don’t overwhelm the text with product feature information. Show the benefits and usefulness of features in the use of your product. For example, as shown below:


By knowing the benefits that can be obtained directly, the audience will be more interested in seeing the products offered, right?

However, keep in mind that ad text should be attractive not only to potential buyers but also to Google. Therefore, you must also apply SEO copywriting techniques so that Google is interested in your ad.

How to make SEO Copywriting is not that difficult. You only need keyword research and insert keywords in the headline, meta description, and more.

4. Customize Ads with Landing Pages

Try to imagine that you click on an ad, but can’t find the product offered on the landing page. It’s annoying, right?

You will definitely feel like a victim of clickbait and immediately leave the website.

That’s what happens if the title and meta description in your ad doesn’t lead to the right landing page.

So, adjust the ad with the landing page for each promotional campaign. If not like that, prospective buyers will be disappointed. In fact, it could be worse if it makes the trust in your business decrease.

For example, here’s a test ad about a Special discount promotion for hosting purchases:


When the audience clicks on the ad, this is the landing page they will encounter:


Now, because the ad and the destination page are relevant, potential buyers can immediately get information on the offer and even immediately buy the product.

5. Landing Page Optimization

Google Adwords tips are still related to the previous tips. Why is landing page optimization needed?

Like a journey, a landing page is a terminal for the audience to continue on to the next journey. Can shop, participate in an event or register as a member.

In essence, the landing page must be able to provide interesting information and lead the audience to be willing to click the CTA. So, landing page optimization is related to how the information is easily understood by the audience.

So, if the landing page design or appearance is confusing, potential customers can cancel their purchases on your website. For that, pay attention to the following:

  • Attractive Design and Easy Navigation. A simple design will help to highlight the main information conveyed. In addition, good navigation will make it easier for them to get more complete information.
  • Add Image. Use illustration images that are relevant to the promotion offered. Choose the best and not too much because it will make it difficult to arrange the composition of the landing page.
  • Use Good Color Contrast. Use colors that stand out for important information on your landing page. For example, if there is information on bonuses or discounts or limited offers
  • Use Bullet Points. Avoid long and boring text (wall of texts)Determine the main points you want to convey and display them in a bullet list.
  • Don’t forget the CTA. Navigate visitors through the buying, registration, and more processes with a clear CTA button. For example, “Buy Now”, “Register Now” or “Start Joining”.

Despite the many stipulations, you can still create a landing page with ease. One of them, with the help of landing page plugins like Elementor and Beaver Builder.

6. Create Mobile-Friendly Ads

The next tip for improving Google Ads ads is to create mobile-friendly ads. Why? Because, in fact, there are more than 50 percent of website visitors access via mobile devices.

This means that your ad has the potential to be seen by more people if the design used is mobile-friendly. Conversely, if the ad is difficult to see from a mobile device, the audience will also have difficulty getting good information.

For example, an ad that is too large will result in a clipped description. It could also be that the design used makes the CTA button not clickable for visitors from their cellphones.

When that happens, the ad becomes less attractive and cannot reach the desired audience.

For that, you need to create an ad design that fits both desktop and mobile. If necessary, make a special design for both. Plus, it will be more complete if the landing page is also mobile-friendly.

7. Determine the Right Bidding

Google Adwords tips that are no less important are determining the bidding according to your needs and budget. Bidding is a price-per-click bid for your ad.

When using Google Ads, you must pay a fee for each ad that visitors click. So, you need to be clever in setting the right budget and advertising bidding.

The strategy is to be able to display ads according to the target market using an efficient budget.

You can bid manually with your own strategy. However, to make it easier, take advantage of the Automated Bidding or Smart Bidding feature from Google Ads.

The above feature will automatically reduce your bidding if the price per click (CPC) is too high. And vice versa.

8. Perform A / B Testing

A / B testing can be a way to determine which advertisements are most effective at achieving targeted advertising.

This ad testing can be done one by one, starting from the ad design, copywriting, and bidding to the landing page. Or, it can also be done at once to cover the entire ad.

A / B testing on a landing page was carried out during the following Barack Obama presidential campaign:

Version A 


Version B


With the aim of getting registration leads, it turns out that version B gives 40% better results than version A.

The reason is that the use of Barack Obama’s family photos is considered capable of building a good image. In addition, the change in CTA from Sign Up to Learn More is more relevant.

That is, it is very important to do A / B testing because it is proven to be able to provide insights about the best results. Although, the changes might not be that many.

9. Perform Retargeting

Retargeting is giving back offers to visitors who have interacted on your website but haven’t made a purchase.

Retargeting needs to be your promotion strategy as the conversion chance can be up to 60%.

This method is done by displaying advertisements again on various websites, social media, and applications used by these visitors.

These Google Adwords tips can take advantage of the Google Display Network, which is able to reach 90 percent of internet users. To do this, you need to select a display type when selecting a Google Ads ad type.


If the retargeting steps you take are right, of course, your ad promotion efforts will be more effective.

10. Ad Performance Monitoring and Evaluation

It is important to continue to monitor the ads that are served. So, when there is an ineffective ad, you can stop it immediately.

Then, how do you measure ad performance? You can use a tool called Google Analytics. This tool is useful for monitoring the amount of traffic, visitor data including where they came from, and others.

Well, this data analytics will help you make decisions regarding ad optimization.

For example, if the budget that is prepared, the number of visitors is still less than the target, you can think about increasing the budget or stopping it altogether.

Try Google AdWords Tips to Succeed Your Business’s Ad Performance!

So, those are the Google Ads tips that you can try to improve the performance of your ads. Come on, briefly review some of the tips:

  1. Determine the purpose of the ad
  2. Use the right keywords
  3. Create eye-catching ad text
  4. Match your ad to a landing page
  5. Landing page optimization
  6. Create mobile-friendly ads
  7. Set the right bidding
  8. Perform A / B testing
  9. Retargeting with precision
  10. Continue to monitor and evaluate ad performance

Best Tips for Advertising on Google Ads is indeed powerful for business promotion in a fast way. However, you still need to complement it with other digital marketing strategies. How to do it?

I hope this article is useful for you. If you have questions about tips on advertising on Google Ads, don’t hesitate to write in the comments column!


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