5 Tips For Choosing The Best Web Hosting For Websites

5 Tips For Choosing The Best Web Hosting For Websites

5 Tips For Choosing The Best Web Hosting For Websites: – The number of web hosting providers that exist today. However, it requires us to be careful when choosing the services we will use. Do not get the wrong choice of a web hosting provider which can result in our website being not optimal.


Here are some tips to consider in choosing a web hosting provider.

1. Pay attention to costs

Finding a hosting provider that offers a reasonable price is very important. Don’t get caught up in choosing a hosting provider that offers cheap prices but with bad service. It could be that the price of cheap web hosting is because there are people who advertise on the website of the hosting provider, as a result, the price is already “subsidized” from the advertisement.

2. Check Web Hosting Customers

Knowing who the customers of a web hosting provider are is very important because then we can know their track record. Even some web hosting providers provide a special column for customer reviews, the goal is to make potential customers more confident about their performance.

3. 24 Hours Customer Support

If we are new to the Website field, then of course we want the web hosting provider we choose to have reliable customer support. This is an important point when we want to choose a web hosting provider.

Therefore, choose a web hosting provider that provides 24/7 phone support, email access, and online chat. That way, we don’t need to worry if one day our Website has a problem.


4. Total Storage and Given Bandwidth

We must pay attention to how much bandwidth and also the total storage provided by the hosting service provider. We must ensure that the total data storage and limited bandwidth still allows our website to work optimally.

5. Support Features Provided

One final consideration is that the web hosting provider we choose must have support for the website script that we will use later. For example, we want to use WordPress as a CMS on our website, then the hosting provider we choose must have script support for WordPress.

Today, hosting providers offer built-in script packages that make Website installation even easier. However, some web hosting providers impose limits on the number of SQL databases that can be created, so it must be ensured that our website is still working optimally with a limited database.

We Technoaditya use hosting from Prohosty. Because it has the complete features we need. Besides that, customer support is 24 hours and fast response.

So many articles about how to choose web hosting for a website. Hopefully, it can be useful :). If you have questions or criticisms and suggestions, please write in the comments column.

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