10 Best Photo Selling Sites (Photographers Close!)

10 Best Photo Selling Sites (Photographers Close!)

10 Best Photo Selling Sites (Photographers Close!): Photographers are one of the hobbies that make a lot of money. Because you can offer photographing services to people who want pre-wedding, wedding or even birthday events.

In addition, photographer services can be used as part-time jobs that are suitable for college! Because you can sell it on the internet.

So, here are some sites that provide great income for selling photos!

Tips for Selling Photos on the Internet

Before we discuss what the sites for selling photos are, it would be better if you know the tips for selling photos on the internet so that they can sell quickly as follows:

1. Own work


The first tip is that the photos that are sold are your own work. Yaps, when you sell photos on the internet, you can’t take them from other people.

Because some sites will check and are protected from the law. Photos of your own work will certainly make you proud and you can also claim the copyright if someone misuses your photo.

2. High-Quality Photos


The next tip is to make sure the photos you are selling are high-quality photos. Why? Because people who buy will certainly choose quality photos.

In addition, the provider will also check whether the photos you sell are of high quality or not. If not, your photo will be rejected.

So, if the photo size is too large and you want to compress photos without reducing quality, it’s better to look for a premium application or you can just use a photo editing application.

3. Does not contain certain brand elements or agencies


The next tip is to make sure the photos that are sold do not contain certain brand or agency elements. Yaps, some sites will reject photos that contain these elements.

Because it can be detrimental to the provider because it promotes the brand for free. In addition, it is possible that your photos will be misused by others.

10 Best Photo Selling Sites (Photographers Close!)

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4. Not Photos of Sara and Pornography


The next tip is to make sure the photos being sold are not Sara and pornographic photos. Why? Because your photos can be a boomerang for yourself.

In addition, this element is also one of the things that are very sensitive. So, it would be better if you avoid this element when you want to sell photos.

5. Upload according to category


The last tip is that you have to upload according to the photo category. This aims to make photos easy to find and download or buy by others.

Well, here are some recommendations for photo selling websites that can make money

Photography hobby? Try Selling Photos on This Photo Selling Site!

Come on! Those who like photos sell your photos on the following site:

1. iStockphoto


The site for selling photos is the first iStockphoto. This site is not just a place to find photo references! But you can also download free photos on this site for your needs.

Oh yes, you can also sell your photos here. If the sale of photos has collected as much as $ 100, then you can withdraw the money into your PayPal account.

On this site, there is also no limit to the number of times you withdraw the money. However, to withdraw the minimum balance is $ 100 from the sale of your photos.

2. Shutterstock


The second site is Shutterstock. Yups, this site is also a provider of high-quality images. But unfortunately, it’s not free, you have to be premium to be able to download photos on this site.

Oh yes, on this site you can download several graphic assets ranging from photos, vectors, and icons. So don’t be surprised if the ShutterStock site is also one of the icon provider sites.

Well, for those of you who like photography, you can really use this site to sell your collection of photos. Moreover, the income from this site is also quite good and you will get a large income if the photos that are sold are of high quality.

3. 500px


The third site is 500px. This site is quite famous among photographers because you can get a commission from selling photos of up to 70%!

Even though the commission you get is quite large. However, becoming a contributor on this site is quite difficult. Therefore, make sure the photos you sell are of high quality.

4. Adobe Stock


The fourth site is Adobe Stock. This site was previously known as Fotolia. The site that sold photos for the first time, guys.

Oh yeah, if you sell photos on this site, you can get the loyalty of 20% – 60%! This loyalty also depends on the type of subscription from the buyer.

The advantage of this site is that you can also sell the same photos on other platforms. So you don’t just rely on this site to sell photos.

5. Alamy


The fifth site is Alamy. This photo-selling site is a little different from other sites. So this site does not provide members who subscribe to be able to buy photos.

However, this site will find buyers from clients who buy photos in large numbers. So this site can be said to be a site that facilitates photographers to sell photos.

The royalties you can receive if you sell photos on this site are around $ 90, or it can be 40% to 50% of the photos sold.

6. Etsy


The sixth photo selling site is Etsy. This site not only sells Handmade products, but you can also sell your stock photos here.

The advantage of this site is that you can receive a commission from sales that are greater than the fee you get from the Etsy site. So you can get a lot of income from here.

7. Dreamstime


The seventh photo selling site is Dreamstime. This site is similar to Shutterstock, which has a large and large community of photographers.

The profit you can get from selling photos here is around 20% to 60% of each photo sale.

Moreover, on this site, you can find out what types of photos are the best sellers by sorting by popularity. So, it doesn’t hurt to sell your photos here!

8. Crestock


The next site is Crestock. You can try this site that sells photos with the concept of people if you really often take photos of people or models with various activities.

Well, the royalties that you can get from this site are approximately 40%. However, the Crestock team had to do a check before being able to appear on this site and it took a long time.

9. Free Digital Photos


The next site is Free Digital Photos. Actually, this site is a site for a community of professional photographers as well as a community of digital illustrators.

Because on this site you have to apply first by making a CV first so you can sell your photo shots on this site.

The royalties you can get from this site are approximately 70% and beginner photographers can get a price range ranging from $ 10 to $ 50.

10. Big Stock Photo


The last site is the Big Stock Photo. This site that provides premium quality photos is one of the favorite sites for photographers.

The profit you can get from selling photos from the site is approximately 30%. Not only that, but you can also get royalties if new customers join.

So, 10 Best Photo Selling Sites (Photographers Close!) there are several sites for selling photos. Oh yeah, don’t forget to share this article with photographer friends.





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